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In the anime series “Ranking of Kings,” Desha is a key character who plays a crucial role in the story. However, towards the end of the series, Desha disappears without a trace, leaving fans puzzled and curious about what happened to him. This mysterious plot twist has sparked numerous theories and discussions among fans, making it one of the most talked-about moments in the series. In this article, we will explore the possible reasons behind Desha’s disappearance and try to unravel the mystery behind this enigmatic character.

Who is Desha?

A brief introduction to Desha’s character

Desha is a prominent character in the anime and manga series, “The Ranking of Kings”. He is a member of the Hevian tribe, which is known for its skilled warriors. Desha is one of the most respected members of his tribe, and he is highly skilled in combat.

Desha is also a loyal friend and ally to Prince Bojji, the protagonist of the series. He is always by Bojji’s side, protecting him and offering him guidance. Desha is a true companion, and his loyalty to Bojji is unwavering.

Despite his tough exterior, Desha has a kind heart and a strong sense of justice. He hates anyone who mistreats the weak, and he will do anything to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Desha’s sense of justice is one of the reasons why he is so highly respected by his tribe and by Bojji.

Overall, Desha is a complex character with many layers. He is tough and skilled in combat, but he also has a kind heart and a strong sense of justice. His loyalty to Bojji is unwavering, and he is always by his side, protecting him and offering him guidance.

Desha’s role in the Ranking of Kings storyline

Desha, a prominent character in the Ranking of Kings, plays a significant role in the storyline as the father of the protagonist, Baki. Desha is known for his immense strength and fighting skills, having been crowned the strongest man in the world multiple times. As Baki’s father, Desha is deeply concerned about his son’s safety and well-being, often going to great lengths to protect him from harm.

Despite his intimidating appearance and reputation, Desha is also shown to have a compassionate side, particularly towards his friends and family. He values loyalty and is fiercely protective of those he cares about, making him a formidable ally and a force to be reckoned with in the world of Ranking of Kings.

However, despite his many positive qualities, Desha is not without his flaws. He has a hot temper and can be quick to anger, sometimes leading to reckless behavior. Additionally, his strong sense of pride and ego can sometimes cause him to act impulsively, putting himself and others in danger.

Overall, Desha’s role in the Ranking of Kings storyline is a complex and multifaceted one, showcasing his strength, loyalty, and compassion while also highlighting his flaws and vulnerabilities. His absence from the story has left many questions unanswered, adding to the mystery and intrigue of this captivating anime series.

Desha’s Fall from Grace

Key takeaway: Desha, a prominent character in the anime and manga series “The Ranking of Kings,” suddenly disappears, leaving behind a trail of questions and mysteries. His fall from grace and the power struggle that ensued have significantly impacted the story, leading to new opportunities for character development and shifting power dynamics. Fans and critics alike are left wondering about the reasons behind his disappearance and what impact it will have on the overall plot.

The events leading up to Desha’s downfall

A Rise to Power

Desha, once a trusted advisor to the king, quickly rose through the ranks of the government, thanks to his exceptional political acumen and ability to navigate complex power dynamics. His keen intellect and strategic mind earned him the respect of his peers and the trust of the king, making him an indispensable asset to the royal court.

The Power Struggle

As Desha’s influence grew, so did the resentment of his rivals. Desha’s unapologetic ambition and relentless pursuit of power put him at odds with many powerful factions within the kingdom. They saw him as a threat to their own interests and sought to undermine his position.

The Conspiracy Unfolds

In an effort to discredit Desha and diminish his influence, his rivals began to spread rumors and lies about him. They whispered in the ears of the king and the queen, sowing seeds of doubt about Desha’s loyalty and intentions.

The Betrayal

The conspiracy against Desha eventually came to a head when a trusted ally, who had been secretly working with his rivals, presented the king with false evidence of Desha’s treachery. The king, blinded by the lies and deceit, had no choice but to exile Desha from the kingdom.

The Disappearance

Desha, knowing that his enemies would stop at nothing to see him fall, fled the kingdom in the dead of night, leaving behind everything he held dear. He disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only a trail of questions and mysteries that have yet to be solved.

The disappearance of Desha marked a turning point in the history of the kingdom, forever altering the course of politics and power dynamics. His fall from grace remains a subject of speculation and intrigue, with many wondering what really happened to the once-powerful advisor.

The impact of Desha’s fall on the Ranking of Kings story

A Shift in Power Dynamics

Desha’s sudden disappearance from the Ranking of Kings story marked a significant shift in power dynamics among the four great nations. With his abrupt absence, the balance of power was disrupted, leading to a scramble for control. The remaining characters had to adapt to this new reality, making alliances and forging new relationships to secure their positions.

Unanswered Questions and Intrigue

The disappearance of Desha also raised many unanswered questions that added to the intrigue of the Ranking of Kings story. Fans were left wondering about the reasons behind his disappearance, who was responsible, and what impact it would have on the overall plot. These unanswered questions kept fans engaged and eagerly anticipating the next twist in the story.

New Opportunities for Character Development

Desha’s fall from grace presented new opportunities for character development among the remaining characters. As they navigated the shifting power dynamics, they were forced to confront their own beliefs and values, leading to personal growth and development. The absence of Desha also opened up new opportunities for other characters to step into the spotlight and take on more prominent roles in the story.

A Preview of Things to Come

Overall, the impact of Desha’s fall from grace on the Ranking of Kings story was significant and far-reaching. It set the stage for future plot twists and character development, keeping fans engaged and invested in the story. The disappearance of Desha was a reminder that in the world of Ranking of Kings, nothing is ever truly predictable or certain, making each new development all the more thrilling.

Theories and Speculations

Possible reasons for Desha’s disappearance

Political intrigue

Desha’s disappearance may be connected to political machinations within the kingdom. As a trusted advisor to King Faisal, Desha was privy to sensitive information and played a key role in shaping the country’s policies. It is possible that his disappearance is a result of a power struggle within the royal court, with factions seeking to eliminate him as a threat to their own interests.

Personal vendetta

Another theory is that Desha’s disappearance is the result of a personal vendetta. He may have made enemies among the powerful elite due to his unwavering commitment to justice and fairness. It is possible that someone with a grudge against him has taken advantage of the chaos caused by the attack on the royal convoy to cover up their crime, making it appear as though Desha simply vanished into thin air.

Abduction for ransom

A third possibility is that Desha was abducted for ransom. As a wealthy and influential figure, he may have been targeted by criminal elements seeking to profit from his wealth. They may have taken him hostage, demanding a hefty ransom in exchange for his safe return. However, it is worth noting that no ransom demands have been made, which suggests that this theory may not be the most likely explanation for his disappearance.

Mysterious circumstances

Finally, it is also possible that Desha’s disappearance is simply the result of mysterious circumstances beyond our understanding. Given the complexity of the situation and the many unanswered questions surrounding the attack on the royal convoy, it is possible that there are factors at play that we are not yet aware of. Until more information comes to light, the true reason for Desha’s disappearance may remain a mystery.

Speculations on Desha’s whereabouts and future in the story

Desha’s sudden disappearance from the series has left fans and critics alike wondering about his whereabouts and what role he may play in the future of the story. While some theories suggest that he may have been killed off, others believe that he may have simply gone into hiding or is waiting for the right moment to reappear.

One possibility is that Desha may have fled to another country or kingdom, as he was aware of the political tensions and power struggles in his own country. He may have left in order to protect himself or to avoid being caught up in the conflicts. This theory is supported by the fact that he was last seen leaving his country with a mysterious woman.

Another theory is that Desha may have been captured by the enemy forces, who may be holding him as a hostage or using him as leverage in their negotiations. This theory is supported by the fact that the enemy forces have been shown to be ruthless and cunning, and may be willing to do whatever it takes to gain the upper hand in the war.

A third theory is that Desha may have been killed by the enemy forces, although this theory is less likely given that his disappearance was not accompanied by any news of a battle or skirmish. However, it is possible that his death was kept secret in order to avoid panic or demoralize his supporters.

Regardless of what happened to Desha, his disappearance has had a significant impact on the story and the characters. His absence has left a power vacuum that is being filled by other players, and his allies are left wondering what happened to their leader and friend. As the story continues to unfold, fans and critics will be eagerly awaiting any new developments or revelations about Desha’s fate.

The Importance of Desha’s Absence

How Desha’s disappearance affects the plot and characters

Desha’s absence in the Ranking of Kings has far-reaching consequences on both the plot and the characters involved. This mysterious disappearance creates a sense of urgency and tension, driving the story forward and revealing new depths to the characters.

The impact on the plot

  • The plot thickens: With Desha’s disappearance, the story takes an unexpected turn, creating a sense of urgency and tension.
  • Unanswered questions: The mystery surrounding Desha’s disappearance raises numerous questions, keeping the audience engaged and invested in the story.
  • New revelations: As the story progresses, the characters begin to uncover hidden truths and secrets, leading to a deeper understanding of the world and its characters.

The impact on the characters

  • Character development: Desha’s disappearance forces the characters to confront their own fears and insecurities, leading to significant character development.
  • New alliances: As the characters work together to find Desha, they form new alliances and strengthen existing ones, adding depth to their relationships.
  • Changes in motivation: The characters’ motivations shift as they search for Desha, revealing new aspects of their personalities and driving the story forward.

Overall, Desha’s disappearance adds an element of mystery and intrigue to the Ranking of Kings, pushing the plot forward and providing opportunities for character development. This twist keeps the audience engaged and invested in the story, eager to see how the characters will react and what secrets will be uncovered.

The potential consequences of Desha’s absence for the story’s resolution

  • The loss of a key player: Desha’s absence from the story creates a significant gap in the narrative. As a prominent character, Desha’s unique perspective and involvement in the plot contribute to the story’s overall depth and complexity. Their absence may result in a loss of intrigue and a less nuanced portrayal of events.
  • Shifting focus and direction: The disappearance of Desha could lead to a redirection of the story’s focus. With one of the central characters missing, the narrative may need to shift its attention to other characters and plotlines. This could result in a change of pace or a reevaluation of the story’s central themes and conflicts.
  • Unanswered questions and plot holes: The mysterious nature of Desha’s disappearance may create unanswered questions and potential plot holes in the story. Without a clear explanation for their absence, readers may be left with lingering doubts and inconsistencies, potentially detracting from the overall narrative experience.
  • Impact on character development: Desha’s absence may hinder the development of their character and any potential romantic subplots involving them. Without their presence, character interactions and growth may be stunted, leaving potential relationships and character arcs unfulfilled.
  • Affecting the overall tone and atmosphere: The absence of Desha could also have an impact on the story’s tone and atmosphere. Depending on the reason for their disappearance, the narrative may become darker, more somber, or potentially lose its sense of urgency. This shift in tone could affect the reader’s engagement with the story and their emotional investment in the characters and their struggles.

Recap of Desha’s significance in the Ranking of Kings story

Desha, a pivotal character in the Ranking of Kings story, has a significant presence throughout the series. His absence from recent episodes has left fans wondering about the potential implications of his disappearance.

As the commander of the Gondolania Knights, Desha plays a crucial role in the political and military aspects of the story. His leadership and strategic planning have been instrumental in protecting the kingdom from external threats.

Moreover, Desha’s relationship with the protagonist, Platinum, adds depth to the narrative. Their dynamic showcases the importance of trust and loyalty in the world of Ranking of Kings. Desha’s absence has left Platinum and the audience questioning the state of their relationship and the potential challenges that lie ahead.

Desha’s skills as a swordsman and his mastery of the Gondolania Knight’s unique weaponry make him a formidable opponent in battle. His absence has undoubtedly weakened the kingdom’s defenses, leaving it vulnerable to potential attacks.

Furthermore, Desha’s knowledge of the kingdom’s history and secrets adds an extra layer of intrigue to his character. His disappearance has left the audience curious about the potential revelations that may come to light as a result.

In summary, Desha’s absence from the Ranking of Kings story has significant implications for the political, military, and personal aspects of the narrative. His character’s depth and complexity have left the audience eagerly anticipating his return and the potential plot twists that may arise from it.

Final thoughts on the mysterious plot twist and its implications

The sudden disappearance of Desha, a pivotal character in the Ranking of Kings, has left audiences both confused and intrigued. This mysterious plot twist has raised numerous questions about the story’s direction and the fate of the characters involved. In this section, we will delve into the potential implications of Desha’s absence and how it may impact the overall narrative.

  • The Loss of a Mentor Figure:
    • Desha’s guidance and mentorship played a crucial role in the development of the main character, Bojji. His disappearance leaves Bojji without a vital source of support and guidance, potentially hindering his growth and development as a character.
    • Additionally, the absence of a mentor figure may also impact the dynamics between Bojji and other characters, as they may be forced to rely on each other for support and guidance in the absence of Desha.
  • The Impact on the Overall Story:
    • The mysterious plot twist of Desha’s disappearance adds an element of unpredictability to the story, leaving audiences eager to see how the story will unfold.
    • However, it also raises questions about the story’s direction and whether it will focus more on Bojji’s personal growth or delve deeper into the larger world and political intrigue.
    • Furthermore, the absence of Desha may also lead to the emergence of new antagonists or conflicts, as characters scramble to fill the power vacuum left by his disappearance.
  • Speculation and Theories:
    • The disappearance of Desha has sparked numerous theories and speculations among fans and viewers, with many trying to decipher the possible reasons behind his absence.
    • Some speculate that Desha may have been captured or imprisoned by the oppressive regime, while others believe that he may have left on a secret mission or is working behind the scenes.
    • Regardless of the actual reason, the speculation surrounding Desha’s disappearance has further fueled the show’s popularity and added to its intrigue.

In conclusion, the mysterious plot twist of Desha’s disappearance has significant implications for the story and its characters. While it may hinder the development of some characters, it also adds an element of unpredictability and raises questions about the direction of the story. The speculation and theories surrounding Desha’s absence have only added to the show’s intrigue and further demonstrate the impact of a well-crafted plot twist on a story’s narrative.


1. Who is Desha in Ranking of Kings?

Desha is a character in the Ranking of Kings anime and manga series. He is a member of the Seven Walls Society, an organization of powerful individuals who control the flow of aether in the world. Desha is known for his mysterious past and his unique abilities, including the power to manipulate gravity.

2. What happened to Desha in Ranking of Kings?

Desha’s whereabouts and fate are unknown. In the series, it is revealed that he was involved in a mission with his brother, Asch, and their friend, Hange, to capture a powerful beast known as the “Flying Titan.” However, during the mission, Desha and Asch were separated from Hange and the two brothers were never heard from again.

3. Is Desha dead?

The fate of Desha is not confirmed in the series. Some theories suggest that he may have survived the mission, while others believe that he may have been killed during the capture of the Flying Titan. However, no definitive proof of his survival or death has been revealed in the series.

4. Why was Desha’s disappearance significant?

Desha’s disappearance had a major impact on the plot of Ranking of Kings. It left a hole in the Seven Walls Society and created a power vacuum that was eventually filled by other characters. Additionally, Desha’s unique abilities and mysterious past made him a key figure in the series, and his disappearance added a layer of intrigue and mystery to the story.

5. Will Desha return in future episodes of Ranking of Kings?

It is not confirmed whether Desha will return in future episodes of Ranking of Kings. The series has already covered much of the original manga material, so any future storylines would likely involve new plot points and characters. However, the possibility of Desha’s return is a topic of much speculation among fans of the series.

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